Ready Kids

Not Just a Walk in the Park

Building Escambia County’s workforce starts before kindergarten when a child’s brain benefits most from developmental learning experiences. For parents with limited support during these formative years, resources that are accessible close to home make all the difference.

That’s why we are installing Born Learning Trails, a United Way Worldwide initiative since 2005, in resource-limited neighborhoods to provide parents and caregivers with fun, interactive activities to do with their young children and reinforce learning opportunities present in everyday life. Together, we can increase kindergarten readiness in Escambia County.

Project Management by trailblazers

The Project

  • Install interactive early learning trails based on evidence-based methods backed by United Way
  • Design and paint sidewalk murals designed to ignite imagination, foster connections between kids and their guardians, and engage parents in early childhood education
  • Implement three trails with activity signage in parks adjacent to vulnerable neighborhoods near ReadyKids! schools