Health & Hope Clinic

A Path of Least Resistance for Quality Healthcare

In Escambia County, access to healthcare is a challenge for many underserved populations, particularly those without access to a vehicle. Health & Hope Clinic addresses the need for accessible healthcare by offering a free clinic for anyone with limited income and no health insurance. However, for those relying on ECAT, wait times can be an hour or more for bus service.

During the pandemic, the need for a safe outdoor waiting area was even greater. That’s why we are building a sheltered waiting area with benches for those who call Health & Hope Clinic and Ministry Village Olive their “home.” Together, we can improve access to healthcare in Escambia County.

Project Managed by Leaping into Hope

The Project

  • Select optimal location for shelter that connects Health & Hope Clinic to the free public bus line and Ministry Village Olive, which provides a food bank, financial services and other essentials
  • Design and build a durable gazebo and benches to serve the patients and staff of Health & Hope Clinic
  • Install seating and beautify the space surrounding the shelter