Building Community Leaders

Through Impact-Driven Initiatives

Serving our community means taking the road less traveled and connecting dots that we’d never considered before. These projects will also have a formative impact on our community’s current and future leaders. Your support is an investment in us as well.

Leadership Pensacola (LeaP), a program of the Pensacola Chamber Foundation, aims to develop community-minded leaders during its 10-month-long program. LeaP is designed to help participants acquire an understanding of the issues facing the Pensacola area and to gain the leadership skills necessary to resolve them. Candidates come from a cross-section of the community — individuals from different political, career, educational, social and cultural backgrounds.

About the Greater Pensacola Chamber

Founded in 1889, the Greater Pensacola Chamber is driven to create a climate of growth and success, to ensure economic prosperity and to enhance the quality of life in Greater Pensacola. The Pensacola Chamber Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, oversees Leadership Pensacola and the West Florida Defense Alliance. These initiatives take a strategic approach to regional growth and community building with the goal of building a healthier, better-educated workforce; continuing to advance the region’s economic positioning; and improving community infrastructure.